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每朝基本 Morning Basics

一個好用的杯子,美觀之餘亦具備各種功能性。Sleeep 自家設計的silver cup,以簡約的外形,滿足了水杯、漱口杯、文具座等等用途,杯身輕巧又耐用,即使出遊都方便攜帶。配上舒適刷毛竹製牙刷,城市旅人每天的起床儀式就更環保無負擔。梳洗好後,清爽地開展新一天吧!

An easy-to-use cup is not only beautiful but also has various functions.SLEEEP cup has a simple shape which satisfies the purposes of drinking cups, mouthwash cups, stationery holders, etc. The cup is light and durable, and it is convenient to carry even when traveling. Coupled with a comfortable bristled bamboo toothbrush, the morning ceremony of urban travelers is more environmentally friendly and burden-free. Let’s start a new adventure after freshening up!


stainless steel 優質不锈钢